This is Sein und Werden

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome to the new Sein und Werden space, where I will be keeping you uptodate with news, deadlines, calls for submissions etc, and where you can ask questions, discuss Sein, share other blogs/links/journals etc and so on. I have chosen wordpress because non-members can post comments and keep in touch.

For those of you who do not know who, why or what I am talking about – Sein und Werden is a quarterly, themed ezine of fiction, poetry, art, photography, collage, music, reviews, thoughts, excerpts… Transferring, fusing, including elements of German Expressionism, Surrealism and/or Existentialism. Click on the link below or the Sein und Werden link in the blogroll to your right, to find out more.

Now closed to submissions

Issue 7 (Desideratum) should be uploaded by the first week in January (watch this space) at which time I will begin reading submissions for issue 8.

Thanks to all who submitted.


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