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Print zine vs E-zine

I would really like any thoughts/comments on e-zines vs print zines. I made Sein und Werden a web zine for financial reasons, and to reach a larger/international audience. However, there are many people, myself included, who prefer to read on paper rather than on screen, and I am re-considering turning Sein into a print format again. Possibly alongside the web version. I’m caught between wanting an attractively presented, easily accessible printed literary journal, and having very little funds. It’s about getting the writing out there, without it looking like a junior school project. I want to give people a reason to want to buy the thing, but have something available on the web too. Do you have any preferences/thoughts? Do writers prefer submitting to something tangible? Do other editors find the cost of printing too high?


What do women (and men) want?

From my blog yesterday:

I’m trying to find the secret. The ingredient. Medusa’s toilet-flushed foetus, the charred left wing of the pheonix, a mermaid’s labia minora and the matted grey fur of the Yeti’s right foot. Fuck shit. I just want to know how to write something brilliant. Everything I write comes to nadda. Nothing. Nought. Zero. I want it to MEAN something. I want it to exist. On paper, in ink, in the curves of my spine and behind the cloudy cateracts in my cancerous future. I want I want I want.

From a certain photographer: validation

From a certain poet and editor: to be immortalized

What do YOU want?

Here’s a wonderful post on inspiration by Jeff Vandermeer:

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 A selection of poetry by Peter Schwartz:

And a new story by Neil Ayres:

“At its very best, writing is a very Savant-like art form. All of our labor is spent guiding the boulder through small course corrections down the hill rather than forcing it to roll back up.” – Matt Moody

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