Watch the Eye

Sein und Werden is the featured site at Eye magazine:

3 responses to “Watch the Eye

  • CandyDishDoom

    Hurrah! Full text of my original comment:

    ‘ ‘Rachel Kendall is the dark yet shiny mistress of purple-shadowed metallic words and slick design–cultivated, culled, and collaged into a deviously delightful online small press art publication known as ‘Sein Und Werden’. Unlike many small press art publications that cannot sustain their initial momentum and fold after a mere few issues, ‘Sein’ continues to evolve–to entice, consume, and be consumed. Kendall has even created her own manifesto of Werdenism, to define the pulse of her publication. It’s a pulse I’d like to add to my batter and beat into a very sinister cupcake, to be spasmodiocally, rhapsodically devoured’.

  • seinundwerden

    Thanks J. I love this blurb and will no doubt refer to it often. If I ever get my novel published maybe you could blurb that for me?

  • seinundwerden

    Sorry, I mean WHEN I get my novel published, of course. Damn me and my negative thinking.

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