What do women (and men) want?

From my blog yesterday:

I’m trying to find the secret. The ingredient. Medusa’s toilet-flushed foetus, the charred left wing of the pheonix, a mermaid’s labia minora and the matted grey fur of the Yeti’s right foot. Fuck shit. I just want to know how to write something brilliant. Everything I write comes to nadda. Nothing. Nought. Zero. I want it to MEAN something. I want it to exist. On paper, in ink, in the curves of my spine and behind the cloudy cateracts in my cancerous future. I want I want I want.

From a certain photographer: validation

From a certain poet and editor: to be immortalized

What do YOU want?

Here’s a wonderful post on inspiration by Jeff Vandermeer:


And check these out:

 A selection of poetry by Peter Schwartz:


And a new story by Neil Ayres:


“At its very best, writing is a very Savant-like art form. All of our labor is spent guiding the boulder through small course corrections down the hill rather than forcing it to roll back up.” – Matt Moody


4 responses to “What do women (and men) want?

  • just a bloke

    There is no secret to find. No ingredient, magic or otherwise. It’s naturally you, in you, a part of you, in your mind, in your fingertips…. it DOES exist, just relax, and let it flow……..

    A Short Poem

    You are: inspirational
    I am: humbly indebted

  • seinundwerden

    Ha, I see you through my squinty split eyes. I know who you are… Thankyou. Your words come at a moment of crisis. Crisis of confidence about my writing. Grrrrr.

  • Six Maps

    Baudelaire said “A frenzied passion for art is a canker that devours everything else.” He also said “Inspiration comes of working every day.”

    I’m fairly sure that he also said something like “God give me the strength to be better than those I despise.”

    Perhaps your answer lies somewhere near the point where those three meet?

  • seinundwerden

    Or was it – God give me the strength to be bitter about those I despise?
    Heh. Thanks for posting, you.

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