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First Review

A quick review of Sein und Werden by Steve Redwood, author of the novels Fisher of Devils and Who Needs Cleopatra. Many thanks Steve.

Finally finished Sein & Co, I thought the fiction (if we except some nonsense by someone who seems to think he’s a tree) was very good, with Pete Tennant’s ‘Dissonance’ standing out, not only for its quality and powerful scenes and images, but for the strange juxtapositions and elusive meaning of the whole – and I’ve read it three times! Are you postulating a world where sex and violence are inextricably united, with no place for love or hope? But I have to warn delicate and respectable people that in the beginning was not the Word, but something FAR more fascinating (yet everyday – if you’re lucky!). But, while perhaps the most shocking, Pete’s was not alone in being tough and unusual fare. Very memorable too are ‘The Things you Find by the River’ (my second favourite, I think, though the competition’s hard) and ‘Jesus was a Salvation Eater’. Ah, and the marvellous concentration of ‘The Iris’. But, really, all the fiction is well worth a read, and in this respect the tastes of the editor are very marked. Rachel Kendall is a dangerous woman, who should have spent much longer in Sunday School. You have been warned! (I confess I didn’t read the bit of serialised novel – I can’t remember what I did yesterday, so no way would I remember part of a novel three months later. Personally I think any serialisation over longer than a week is a mistake.)
Modern poetry, alas, usually baffles me – I can manage a pint of Tennyson, and even a swig of Eliot, but after that I’m a goner. Probably my fault. Juliet Cook’s ‘Your Pain Sculpture’ did however strike me as particularly powerful, and I loved the symbolism of ‘Winter Tree’.
On a slightly negative note, though, good though the content is, I do feel that production values will have to be improved if Sein is to succeed.

Any thoughts?

Objet trouve

Sein 9 – Objet Trouve is now up and running:

Also now available, the first issue of Sein und Werden in print. The same theme as online, but with different content, longer stories, the beginning of a serialised novella, poetry and artwork. Featuring such contributors as:
Peter Tennant
Steve Redwood
John Brewer
Juliet Cook
Richard Strachan
and many more…

One copy of Sein in print costs just £3.50/$6.50. Go here for more details:

Also, a new email address for any comments/queries –
And of course, the doors are now open for subs to the next issue, with the theme – Doppelgangers.

Contributors copies of Objet Trouve should be sent out within the next few days. I will be mailing out to all UK and Europe addresses, and Spyros (the man to thank for bringing Sein to print) will be handling all US mail.

Feel free to send us feedback here or at the email address above as we’d love to know what you think.