Objet trouve

Sein 9 – Objet Trouve is now up and running:

Also now available, the first issue of Sein und Werden in print. The same theme as online, but with different content, longer stories, the beginning of a serialised novella, poetry and artwork. Featuring such contributors as:
Peter Tennant
Steve Redwood
John Brewer
Juliet Cook
Richard Strachan
and many more…

One copy of Sein in print costs just £3.50/$6.50. Go here for more details:

Also, a new email address for any comments/queries – seineditor@gmail.com
And of course, the doors are now open for subs to the next issue, with the theme – Doppelgangers.

Contributors copies of Objet Trouve should be sent out within the next few days. I will be mailing out to all UK and Europe addresses, and Spyros (the man to thank for bringing Sein to print) will be handling all US mail.

Feel free to send us feedback here or at the email address above as we’d love to know what you think.

2 responses to “Objet trouve

  • C Morris

    Got the print version this weekend and I’m quite pleased — Well done! I like the format, and I like the stories even better. I was especially enamored of the work of Richard Strachan, Brian Collier, and Giuseppe Agosta. Please pass along my kudos. Nice work!

  • Juliet Cook

    Decided to post an abridged version of my earlier emailed comments here:

    Just wanted to take a few minutes to offer
    some comments on the new Sein in print.

    I received my copy in the mail earlier this week and had a chance to
    start reading it yesterday evening. I’m quite pleased with it so far.
    It looks good; but more importantly, it really IS meaty in terms of the
    content. Sometimes I’ll receive my contributor’s copy of a little
    literary magazine and sit down to read it and I’ll be done reading it in
    half an hour, leaving me with a feeling of anticlimax (and sometimes
    irritability re: the overall inconsistent and shoddy quality of the work
    therein). Last evening, though, I spent over an hour sitting on my back
    porch, sipping my black cherry vodka & Coke, and reading Sein at a
    leisurely and savoring pace–and in that time, I only got a little more
    than halfway through the issue. Furthermore, I didn’t come across a
    single piece that I did not like or appreciate on some level.

    I do think, Rachel, that you do a particularly good job with selecting
    strong, dark fiction (probably because you are such a fiendish little
    creator of strong, dark fiction yourself). I really liked your intro. as well. Both intros were nice, actually.

    I’m not sure how well the visual artwork is translating to the print
    page; I feel like I might be missing some of its nuances.

    The beginning of the serialized piece by Cameron Pierce was quite
    interesting to me. Definitely surreal, definitely bizarre, imagistic in
    an absurd, disgusting, yet appealing way. It rather reminds me of
    ‘Naked Lunch’ I look forward to reading more.

    And I still have another twenty some pages to savor today–hurrah!

    So kudos to the both of you! Lovely work! I’m pleased with the issue.
    I love being able to hold it and flip through it at my leisure. I very
    much appreciate the fact that it is providing me with more than just a
    half hour of paltry entertainment. And I must say that the content
    seems very werdenistic indeed. Bravo. I eagerly anticipate more print

    Juliet Cook

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