Review at Whispers of Wickedness

More mention of the production quality but right now without any cash there’s little to be done about that. As long as the content is appreciated, that’s the most important thing. Right? Besides, I don’t have a guillotine so I scratched up the edges of the page to give it a worn effect. I guess it was lost.

I need to get it reviewed by someone who will appreciate the artwork as well as the fiction as most writers don’t seem interested in that side of things.

So, are there any takers? Would anyone be interested in writing a review?

One response to “Review at Whispers of Wickedness

  • CandyDishDoom

    Very cool (and rather lengthy) review!

    Lots of delightful magazines have started out w/ raw, non-glossy production qualities, due to lack of finances and the like. I agree that the content is most important–and the productoin can develop, improve, or fancify later.

    Bad production quality (to me) would be if there was difficulty reading the words on the page, due to blurriness, cut offs, typos, etc…

    The print Sein production quality was not bad, just raw.

    I do think some of art pieces might look more multidimensional in a glossier context; but you also have the online version/venue for that.

    Maybe you include a page inviting people to donate (money or resources) to ‘A Fancier Sein’ fund???

    XO. Juliet

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