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Reading Robbe-Grillet

Sein und Werden’s latest e-book is an essay that will appeal both to fans of Alain Robbe-Grillet and to those who are not yet familiar with his work. In this study of three of the author’s novels – The Erasers, The Voyeur and Jealousy – Fred Skolnik offers us an illuminating introduction to one of the leading writers of the Nouveau Roman.

“A novel, he wrote, should no longer be a contrivance setting out “to illustrate a truth known in advance” but something that invents itself and in the process finds its own meaning. A novel, then, exists in and for itself, as an objet d’art if you will, without reference to the outside world, without reference to the time and place of the outside world but only to the interior time and space of the imagination. It is not something other than itself. It does not represent a reality outside itself. It explores itself. It expresses or represents nothing but itself. It does not seek to chronicle or inform. It
constitutes its own reality.”

From Reading Robbe-Grillet by Fred Skolnik