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Steve Aylett: a critical anthology

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Steve Aylett: a critical anthology, edited by Bill Ectric and D Harlan Wilson, is a collection of essays on the author by fellow writers and fans. Wilson says of Aylett:

“A fanatical satirist and provocateur, British author Steve Aylett writes in multiple genres, usually simultaneously, combining elements of science fiction and fantasy with comedy and a high literary aesthetic… Like JG Ballard, Aylett belies, if not capsizes, formulaic methods and ultimately constitutes a genre in and of himself. A comprehensive study of his singular body of work is long overdue.”

Somehow, when Ectric approached me with this collection, the name Steve Aylett had passed me by. But having read this anthology I immediately went out and bought a handful of his books. I wondered how could this genius and master of poetic language have gone unnoticed so far? The question is easy to answer. Aylett is, to quote Wilson again, “… simply too clever and grandiloquent for genre readers and too genre for literary readers”.

I urge you to acquaint yourself with this master of the English language. Beg, borrow, steal if you have to (but don’t quote me on that!). And for those completely new to ‘Aylettism’ this critical anthology is a great place to start.