Time Adjusters by Bill Ectric

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Time Adjusters cover image

Time Adjusters will hook you in at the start and hold your interest up to and beyond the thrilling end sequences. Despite the experiemental cut up sections, the narrative structure is strong enough to hold its own. The references to Philip K Dick and Max Headroom give some idea of Bill Ectric’s mindset.

Here’s what others have said:

“Bill Ectric’s writing fits neatly into no category; it is funny and serious, heartfelt and intellectually adventurous.”
– Levi Asher, Creator/CEO, Literary Kicks
“The 1980s were a strange time for me. As much as I wanted to accept the amenities and corporate trappings, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.” So begins Bill Ectric’s short story, Time Adjusters, a rollicking tale in which time and text are fragmented when insurance companies begin using experimental technology to capture images of future disaster areas, so they can unfairly deny coverage to those who need it most.
“A wild memory-frag sci-fi adventure…some of my favorite lines in the title story from an early flashback (referring metaphorically to some baseball cards), ‘Sometimes I find them old and faded; other times they are slick and new. You can almost smell the bubblegum. But sometimes I look into the drawer and they are not there at all.’ Thanks, Bill.”
—Mike O’Connor, Writer/Columnist
“Fun throughout.”
—Larry Keenan, Artist/Photographer

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