Shooting Side Glances by John Greiner

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John Greiner | Sein und Werden / books//

{Image – Portrait of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg by Carrie Crow}

The last of the brutal vaudevillians

The 30 short stories and flash fictions in this collection could easily fall into the category of prose poetry, with their lyrical charm and stylised structure. In turns beautiful, disturbing and surreal, these short tales are rich in images of atrocity depicted in the most honeyed tones. “It’s just bones, boy. The vultures have taken the last of the rotten pieces with them ages ago and now there’s nothing but dusty skulls and comic book clichés to run the whole of Broadway from The Battery to the tip of God’s bulbous nose.” Shower Show Greiner covers a lot of ground: the expanse of geography, the length of history and the depth of sensuality, tipping his hat to Barnum, Bataille and Breton along the way. Much of his fiction covers the well-travelled topography of feminine curves and oceans of blood. Woman is the mysterious being;  sturdy and reliable as a sea-faring vessel, she is also the fertile land and the sea that surrounds it. “Jonathan would have loved to read a book about Doll Eyes, something that he could page through at his leisure to fill in all of the blanks. He would have liked to know when she had washed ashore and why she never set to sea again. He would have liked to know how many sailors had set their sights on her on the Red Hook shores.” Doll Eyes Greiner’s other dramatis personae include travellers, hookers, beatniks, fetishists, collectors, voyeurs, wives, bachelors, wife-beaters and hobos from Coney Island to Vienna, from the freshly mowed lawns of suburbia to the dark alleyways of the red light district. But always beneath the Big Top with Greiner as ring master-cum-illusionist, conjuring up thanatos and eros out of a coveted grey homburg. Shooting Side Glances is a hallucinogenic read. Mythical and apocalyptic, it may not be to everyone’s taste but if you enjoy a little avant-garde debauchery, this could be the e-book for you. “Back to the victories of the relinquished time when sacrifice was the sufferer’s greatest joy and the scorching blood poured out to fill the sea for a pleasant swim. Not like the blood of today, diluted with mother’s milk.” Shower Show ~

Review of Shooting Side Glances by Greg Bem at Hugo House… “In each piece, all connected at the hip in theme and style, we find the seedy, strangling and confrontational characters countering desperate circumstance. The protagonists are beyond hero and anti-hero and act as both; and their maneuvers of achieving such ambiguity are fresh, freshly grotesque, often surprising…”

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Review by Nafkote Tamirat at Her Royal Majesty.

Read more of John Greiner’s work – Relics From a Hell’s Kitchen Pawnshop – available as a free download here.

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