“Sui Generis” and Other Fictions by Marc Lowe

Download “Sui Generis” and other Fictions by Marc Lowe

This collection of 23 stories written when the author was living in Japan is a consumable portion of Lowe’s writing pie. With a pastry crust of obsessive machinations and a meaty filling of surreality, this is a dish you’ll be wanting more of.

There are certain authors that spring to mind when reading Lowe. Bataille, Robbe-Grillet, Philip K Dick and Italo Calvino, perhaps a little Vonnegut Jr… But these names are simply a small number of the ingredients that make up the pie. Lowe’s style is all and none of these.

A lot of thought has gone into these stories, which may be considered formulae, wrapped around a narrative darkly. Lowe isn’t just unravelling a good yarn for our entertainment. He’s playing cat’s cradle with the entrails. Many of his stories are segmented into time, place, film take, camera shot. He takes one world or scene or character and duplicates it. He takes a code and sets out to break it. He takes a formula and twists it around until he’s created something new. His subjects include voyeurism, murder, sex, parasites, sweat, semen and severed limbs. His world may not be for all tastes but to the rest of you I say only this: Bon Appetit!

“Having read most of these fictions over the last several years in the various publications where they first appeared, online and in print, I can truly state these fictions bear up to re-reading.  They are full of ideas and questions, clues and insinuations, vivid images, “jagged edges” and carefully constructed but unsolvable mazes.  While they contain elements of noir and detective fiction, as a whole this collection conveys a distinctive quality all its own.”  
Louise Norlie

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