Guess who’s coming to dinner. It’s the GIALLO issue. Woop woop let’s hear it for the psycho-slasher, the crazy-headed victim, the snarky police inspector, black leather gloves, flesh-rending blades, splashes of red, of yellow, of red…


Tenebre by Maya Nuit

Steve Aylett: a critical anthology

Now available – a brand new, one-off, paperback published by Sein und Werden / Books… Available from and in both paperback and kindle format.


Steve Aylett: a critical anthology, edited by Bill Ectric and D Harlan Wilson, is a collection of essays on the author by fellow writers and fans. Wilson says of Aylett:

“A fanatical satirist and provocateur, British author Steve Aylett writes in multiple genres, usually simultaneously, combining elements of science fiction and fantasy with comedy and a high literary aesthetic… Like JG Ballard, Aylett belies, if not capsizes, formulaic methods and ultimately constitutes a genre in and of himself. A comprehensive study of his singular body of work is long overdue.”

Somehow, when Ectric approached me with this collection, the name Steve Aylett had passed me by. But having read this anthology I immediately went out and bought a handful of his books. I wondered how could this genius and master of poetic language have gone unnoticed so far? The question is easy to answer. Aylett is, to quote Wilson again, “… simply too clever and grandiloquent for genre readers and too genre for literary readers”.

I urge you to acquaint yourself with this master of the English language. Beg, borrow, steal if you have to (but don’t quote me on that!). And for those completely new to ‘Aylettism’ this critical anthology is a great place to start.


New things afoot

I’ve been shirking my responsibilities a little… bingeing on the likes of Dexter and Breaking Bad, facebooking my life away, occasionally working on my masters application. In short, I have been neglecting this blog. So, here’s some news:

The Corpus issue is AMAZING. Check out the fat content here.

The guidelines for the summer issue (Agit prop) can be found here.

And the first e-book of 2016, part 2 of Michael Prihoda’s black out trilogy, Threat, is simply a click or two away… (NB 2015’s e-books are now listed under the ‘archives’ tab).




Automata – the autumn issue of Sein und Werden – is here:

The Perfume of Sparks

(The Perfume of Sparks by Bill Wolak)

Packed to the mechanical gills with words, images and videos from the usual motley crew and a few new components as well, it’s an issue not to be missed!

Hear by Michael Prihoda

Sein und Werden / Books is thrilled to announce a new e-book by Michael Prihoda.

Hear is a collection of black-out poetry taken from Albert Camus’ The Stranger. You can download the e-book and read the author’s introduction to the technique here.

About the author:

Michael Prihoda was born in the Midwest and has lived there ever since. He is a poet and artist, whose publications appear in various magazines around the web and in print. He is the founding editor of After the Pause, an experimental literary magazine. He tweets @michaelprihoda and blogs at and also hopes to one day own a llama.

Reading Robbe-Grillet

Sein und Werden’s latest e-book is an essay that will appeal both to fans of Alain Robbe-Grillet and to those who are not yet familiar with his work. In this study of three of the author’s novels – The Erasers, The Voyeur and Jealousy – Fred Skolnik offers us an illuminating introduction to one of the leading writers of the Nouveau Roman.

“A novel, he wrote, should no longer be a contrivance setting out “to illustrate a truth known in advance” but something that invents itself and in the process finds its own meaning. A novel, then, exists in and for itself, as an objet d’art if you will, without reference to the outside world, without reference to the time and place of the outside world but only to the interior time and space of the imagination. It is not something other than itself. It does not represent a reality outside itself. It explores itself. It expresses or represents nothing but itself. It does not seek to chronicle or inform. It
constitutes its own reality.”

From Reading Robbe-Grillet by Fred Skolnik


Bill Ectric’s fantastic novella ‘Time Adjusters’ is now available for kindle

Go get!

Summer 2015

Guidelines have just been posted for the summer 2015 issue of Sein und Werden.

Mappa Mundi

Maps, maps, maps, maps, maps. It’s all about maps, folks.

large world map

Sensorama from Eibonvale Press

Clockhouse London Writers

17th February 2015

Sensorama by Eibonvale Press.

Edited by Clockhouse London Writers’ Alan Ashley and featuring fellow Clockhousers, David Turnbull, David McGroarty and Gary Budgen.

Available from Eibonvale Press:


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It’s true

I’ve changed blog addresses again. The last one was confusing as it was still under the isms press title. This here be the new address.