About Sein und Werden

Sein und Werden is a literary magazine of experimental prose, poetry and artwork that seeks to merge and modernise the ideas behind Expressionism, Surrealism and Existentialism.

Genres such as magic realism, absurdism, noir and horror are all welcome at Sein und Werden, but generally I am a fan of style over content and the more experimental pieces are usually the first to be accepted.

I came across the term Sein und Werden in Lotte Eisner’s excellent book on German cinema – The Haunted Screen. It’s meaning is ‘being and becoming’ and it seemed to fit my ideas of the kind of material I wanted to collate.

Published quarterly, the zine has seen many transformations and was a print publication for a number of years. Now in its tenth year, and due to financial constraints, and the mass readership that the internet will allow, the zine is solely an electronic publication, reaching audiences around the world and bringing together the best writers and artists in this slippery world of the avant-garde.

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