Girl from Baku by Russell Bittner

Download Girl from Baku by Russell Bittner.

                                                                                    Coney Island Sunset  by Julie Rozar

“In August of 2010, Russell finally and sadly traded the Brooklyn Bridge for the Golden Gate in an effort to find work.  He doesn’t anticipate looking for, never mind finding, anything even remotely like a girl from Baku under the Golden Gate — even if that’s where he might end up sleeping.”

“Russell Bittner echoes nabakov and robbe-grillet, which in itself is odd; like a mathematician discussing pornography or a soul in search of the sensual using a calculator.  the mystery of the girl from baku unfolds in snips of pungent memory, the turmoil of a brooklyn laundromat, a walk in the park of dead desire. is what unfolds the yearning for an erotic ideal or is she truly human?” Andrew Lovatt, DeadDrunkDublin

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